BOO! New Post Within Half An Hour!

Here’s a good quote:

Life is pain, princess. Those who say it isn’t are selling something.

That quote is from “The Princess Bride”. It’s a movie. You should see it. And in case you’re eight years old, the movie is a bit scary.

Oh, and my subject. Thunderstorms. They are just so beautiful…but we don’t get them often where I live, and then mostly at night. It feels so spiritual for me.  The last time one occurred, I was watching it out of an upstairs window, the window open a crack.  There was a blinding flash just outside the window, yet seconds later, we heard the rumble.  It was incredibly loud, rolling across the sky like a trash can.

My, my, my, what a nice simile. Perhaps I should end my post with a poem?

A hard rain.

A flash of pure light white,

and the living rumble of


the voice of the world,

a force too powerful

and magnificent for words.

What do you think? Let me know. Until next week…



What do you think?

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